Monday, August 13, 2007

Week 9 Wrap Up

Wow - I just realized I am now at the halfway point of my marathon training! Exciting stuff! Except I still don't have my flippin' new running shoes yet... More on that later - but maybe not, cause it's really not that interesting.

Anyway, it's been a fun running week. On Thursday's TNT workout, they had a podiatrist talk to us about taking care of our feet and ankles followed by an instructor that led us through a core workout. It was more like a full body workout and to be honest, I was pretty beat after that was over and could have been done for the day right then. But we still had our trail run which wasn't too bad... I think starting next week, our Thursday workouts will be on the track. After the workout, I took my stinky self over to that Bocce Ball place to meet up with friends. :)

Saturday was the 14 mile run - my longest distance to date! It was a doozy, *lots* of hills. It was nice though, we had a good-sized group of about 10-12 runners and we stuck together for the whole route. Plus one of our pace leaders had the Nike plus system so she made sure we stayed on pace which was really nice. We also had some really nice views during this run along the ocean and stuff. I actually took the Cliff shots on this run... they worked out pretty well. Still struggling with opening them with my sweaty hands but I think I will figure that out over time. (Are you supposed to bite them open?) Anyway, it took us over 3 hours to complete the run. When we got back, pretty much everything was torn down and the only people left were the pace leaders who were still cleaning everything up. They gave us a nice cheer when we returned. I did the ice bath thing in the bay again which I think helped a lot because I didn't really feel too sore the next day despite all the hills and stairs we had done.

On Sunday, I decided to do the Nike run in Danville - just 6 miles this time. I realized that with the scheduled runs I have left, I wouldn't have enough "punches" to get the VIP status I had last year so I'm gonna suck it up for a few weeks and do both the Saturday and Sunday runs. The run was nice and quick (an hour is quick these days) and this time I actually got to hear the post-run speaker who discussed sports nutrition (he was long gone by the time we finished the Saturday run). At least the drive to Danville is a bit shorter and on different highways so it doesn't suck too much :P

I ended up with about 26 miles for the week. Next long run will be 16 miles!!!


kirby said...

On opening Clif Shots or Gu... yes, I recommend using your teeth. Hold the "tab" end in your teeth and then hold the Gu/Clif Shot part in your hand and pull across.

A Clif Shot fits nicely in a sports bra... you know, in-between. I mean, if it works for me, it'll work for anybody.

Jen said...

Audrey, Congratulations on your longest ever run! I'm so excited for you!!! I have to disagree with your friend kirby on opening Gu's - I'd highly recommend not using your teeth! (but hey, different things work for different people). I just grab my shirt first to dry your hands. Oh, and I pin them to the inside of my running shorts - you can just rip them off one by one when you need them. Happy Running!!!

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