Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Update

I was in NYC last week with my mom and it was lovely! I squeezed in a short Central Park run while there.

It was raining that morning if you couldn't tell. I've never seen Bethesda Fountain so bare.


If you're interested in entering a raffle for an iFitness belt, please check out Chic Runner's review.


I am officially registered for the Nike Women's Half Marathon on October 18th. I didn't get in through the lottery but I did manage to get a spot through the Nike runner's club. This will be my fourth time running in this event, third time doing the half.


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My new funky running shoes!

Sometimes I feel like I am in a constant state of shopping, whether I want to be or not. For example, if I see a makeup tutorial online and the person raves about some black eyeliner, I feel the need to go purchase that eyeliner (even though I have half a dozen other brands at home.) If someone posts a picture of a cupcake on Facebook, I have this sudden urge to visit Kara's or Sprinkles. Maybe I'm just a person that always covets.

Well it happened again this past weekend during one of my Nike training runs. (Oh did you hear? I'm in training again! For real this time. No more wimpy 2-4 week cramming sessions. I don't have a race until October and I'm already training. Yay for me!) I usually run with the same pace leaders and I noticed a couple of them were wearing some flashy new shoes that I had never seen before. I usually am pretty quiet during these runs but I had to know, so I asked one of the pace leaders what she was wearing.

Behold - the new Nike LunarGlide+ running shoe:

Funky, right? They don't even look like running shoes to me. She told me they were brand new shoes that have a good combination of cushioning and support. (Click the link for the actual technical description, because I was really more interested in the look, haha.) She previously wore the Vomeros (which is what I currently wear) but was really liking the LunarGlides. So I became very intrigued because I actually needed to get new shoes.

I headed to my local running store yesterday and I was so excited to see they were carrying them. In fact, the lady working there (who is an elite runner around these parts) was sporting them as well. It's a sign, I tell you! So I tried them on and went for a little run outside and they felt pretty good. The sales lady also had me wear them with the Nike Vomero4 for comparison and yes, the Vomero is definitely more cushiony which I normally like but I have to say, I kind of liked the sturdy/cushiony combo of the LunarGlide+. Plus it was cheaper than the Vomeros ($100 vs $130).

So I decided to go for it and got the LunarGlide+! I'll let you guys know how they work out.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Question for Nike Plus users

My question - does your Nike plus online profile simply mirror the data that's on your receiver/iPod?

Here's my problem.

I originally had about ~460 miles stored in my profile and they all used to be reflected on the Nike plus receiver/iPod as well. But during a recent workout, my iPod said it couldn't detect a receiver so I took it out and plugged it back in. I then did a workout and only found afterward that all the previous data had been erased. So now it only shows the workouts that I did in the past week.

I'm worried that if I sync it with my laptop, it will overwrite all the existing data in my profile. Or will it just add to what's already there?

Hopefully this makes sense. If you have any inputs, please let me know.

By the way, I also had to recently replace my sensor - does adjusting to a new sensor replace your previous history mileage as well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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