Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Medals Galore!

I've been meaning to do this post for awhile, especially after seeing this on the blogs of both Roadbunner and Aron.
What the heck do you do with your medals?

Most people know that I do races mostly for the medals. So you would think I would actually do something cool with them. Sadly, no. I don't exactly shove them in a shoebox, but I don't have them as part of my wall decor either. I don't know why.

For now, I have them haphazardly draped across a bulletin board on my desk.

I kind of like them there for now. They're displayed but in a subtle manner. I think at some point, I will pin them in a more organized fashion so that you can actually see all of them.

My #1 favorite medal: Disney Coast to Coast 2008

(Bonus medal for doing both the Walt Disney World marathon in Orlando in January and the Disneyland Half in Anaheim in August)

My #2 favorite medal: Walt Disney World marathon in 2008

It was an anniversary year so we got an extra special one :)

My #3 favorite medal: Cleveland Half Marathon in 2009

This was a toughie since I love all my Disney medals but this medal was one of the main reasons why I signed up for this race. I mean, it has a spinning guitar!!!

What are your favorite medals?

On a separate note... in case you don't already know, I have another blog, Pop Culture / Makeup Addict. It would be awesome if you could add it to your reader or subscriptions because it gets no love. :P That one is updated a bit more regularly. Thank you!


teacherwoman said...

Wow! look at all those medals! I only have 4, but would like to find a creative way to display them and my bibs...

Jamie said...

I have mine displayed in my office on a silver tie race I found at the container store. I'm with you I love the cleveland medals. Spinning guitars in 08 and 09!

Nicole said...

LOVE your medals!!! so cute! :)

Alisa said...

I'm going to have a disney medal come january--yay!

Jeri said...

you have such fabulous bling! most of the races around here have rink dink or NO (gasp!) medals. lame-o. this girl likes her sparkle. :)

Julianne said...

You sure do have a lot of Micky ears for medals! :-)

RoadBunner said...

I really like your medal display. Looks very artsy and intentional :)

Oh, you do remind me of the C2C and '08 Mickey. Those are DEFINITELY my fave Disney medals :) Speaking of which, I am sad about the Disney '11 medal (the running Mickey one). I really miss the old mouse-ear silhouette.

And you do realize you'll soon have TWO C2C medals?!

Anonymous said...

lots of bling there!!!! I have my marathon medals displayed on a bulletin board and then I have my 1/2 marathon medals in a shadow box. They make me smile when I look at them :)

post about Zac Effron and I will creep over to your other blog ;) lol

Anonymous said...

Love your make up blog too!
I have my medals hanging on the little knobs on my apothecary desk in my home office. And just last year our city had their first ever half marathon and got more people running than I've ever seen in this town before! That would have to be my favorite medal. Or maybe my first half-marathon medal ever...

Kristen said...

Ohh I love medals! Yours look very artsy actually - I like it!

I have mine is shadow boxes by year - 2007-2008 and when 2010 is over I will have 2009-2010. I love my Disney medal since it is my biggest but I am most proud of my CIM 2009 medal since I did so much better than I expected at that race.

I can't wait to get Goofy medals!

Ladyaero said...

Hello! Love the pretty medals!

I stumbled across your blog awhile back when looking for reviews of the Mud Run. I am a relatively newbie runner, so reading your take on the Mud Run (that it's a FUN run) helped me feel SOOO much better about trying it out (I did it this part March- didn't run the whole way, but I finished!).

I have been checking in periodically since then and am excited to see new posts! I enjoy your take on running (especially that it's for everyone, even folks like me who are double digit milers doing mostly 5ks!) and would love to hear more about what kind of training you do for longer events, as well as any recommendations on great BA running spots (especially South bay) and/or events.

I'm trying to move up slowly in my distances (running in the Title 9K in Palo Alto in Nov.)- I want pretty shiny medals too! :-)

Laura said...

I use the same exact French memo board, but I fold the ribbons of my medals and tuck them behind the medal, then stick mine in. Someday when I have a house with a basement gym, I want to hang them all around the top of the walls going around the room! I have a 50 states friend who does that in his garage and it looks AWESOME.

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