Monday, August 9, 2010

Hitting the Road!

Alright, readers, I finally had a breakthrough in my running this weekend. Not only did I extend my run to 6 miles, I did it on both Friday AND Sunday.

It would have been very difficult to do this on my own so I took my runs on the road and enlisted the help of friends.

I first dragged Roadbunner to help me on Friday with a run around Golden Gate park. I think she had 16 miles or something crazy like that on her plan so I was going to join her for the last 6 for her cooldown (and my sprint, lol). But I chickened out since I'm still doing my run/walk thing so I decided to do 2 on my own first and then meet up for the last 4. It worked out really well! Roadbunner was awesome at letting us run at my pace and I only requested one walk break at the halfway point. (You don't want to know how often I normally take walk breaks on my own.) I was extremely pleased with myself for finally having a 6 miler under my belt - first time since January!

It also helped a lot to have a change in scenery and Golden Gate park is awesome for people watching. Not to mention the critical point - weather! It was nice and cool in the 50s, something I rarely find in my 'hood.

Then on Sunday, I met up with a bunch of awesome gals for Maritza's going away run, organized by Aron. I was excited to join them even though I couldn't really run with any of them. They all had double digit runs planned and are much faster than me. It was nice just to have a reason to drag myself out of bed and have a productive Sunday morning.

I decided to go for another six. I was still planning on taking walk breaks but instead of just walking whenever I felt like it, I stuck to the plan of walking for 0.1 mile of every mile. It worked out really well despite the break being a bit shorter than what I usually do. It helped me to not lose too much momentum. I'm proud to say I stuck to my plan and ended up cutting a minute off my pace from my run on Friday.

We all ran an out-and-back path on the trail so it was fun that I got to pass by everyone at some point. I think that was another reason I did so well sticking to my plan - I didn't want to get caught walking by the girls, LOL!

Since everyone was finishing at different times, we all reconvened at Peet's, which apparently is THE hot spot for runners and bikers on a Sunday morning. It was fun to see everyone trickle back in and see how their runs went.

Here's the gang at Peet's - met two runners, Page and Layla!

Page, Tara, Kristin, Aron, Layla
Moi, Sandra, Maritza
Picture courtesy of Aron

Afterward, we headed to brunch where we were later joined by Julianne and her hubby, who were celebrating their 2nd anniversary :)

Picture courtesy of Aron

Very fun morning for this back-on-track runner!

I'm super pleased with myself... including my wimpy 3mi run from earlier in the week, I ended up with a 15mile week. That's pretty good for me, believe it or not. Now I just have to keep it up. Plan to hit 8 miles sometime this weekend. Perhaps that will include a little jaunt across the Golden Gate bridge.
Do you find it easier to run on your own or with friends?
By the way, I signed up to volunteer at the Nike Women's Marathon this year! I ran it for the last four years but I didn't get in the lottery this year. I think volunteering will be a very fun alternative. Let me know if you're going to be there!


aron said...

it was SO GOOD to see you this weekend!!! i am so glad you came out and had another great run! YES meeting up with people is one of my huge pieces of motivation. it just helps. hope we can meet up again soon :)

Jenny said...

I am going to be running the Nike Women's Marathon!! I am very excited, I had tried to get in last year but didn't. I will be there with two of my friends, we got in as a group!

Alisa said...

Oh yay for two 6'ers!

It all depends for me on my mood. Sometimes I want to zone out alone other times I need someone else there to motivate me.

I'll be at nike! I hope you're stationed at one of half marathon stops and not the full!

Nicole said...

yay for running dates and yay for yummy breakfast!! mmmm :) i noticed i get my butt out of bed if im meeting someone! if i'm not, back to sleep i go! great job on the 6ers this weekend- you rock!!!

Julianne said...

Great job Audrey!! And SO good seeing you, as always!

Mica said...

Yay, I'm glad you got back to a six miler! Congratulations!

I like to switch up my runs--sometimes with friends, sometimes along. The ones with friends go by more quickly, but I typically run more slowly (How odd!). When I'm doing a workout or a tempo, I have to do it alone.

Anonymous said...

Great job! Two six milers in two days is super. Getting back in the groove, for sure. I'm struggling a bit. Sore legs and feet and too hot weather. I run alone except in races.

Jeri said...

I'm so jealous of your guys' running group. Sounds like some runner is totally getting back on track. ;) I like it.

Anonymous said...

so happy we got to see you last weekend! Nice job on getting back on track with all your runs as well!

Kristen said...

Ohh, I wish I could have been there that day. Looks like you all had so much fun.

I will be at Nike - I hope you are along the half. I really want to volunteer at a race - I think it would be so cool to see it from that perspective.

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