Thursday, August 23, 2007

TNT Boot Camp!

Having some snacks at home before going to the TNT workout? Bad idea. The nice thing about our Thursday workouts is that they are so close to home. But so far I'm learning that stopping at home after work and before the workout is not working out for me... either I fall asleep or I'm tempted to snack a bit. :)

This week, we did a warm up run and then ran a 2 mi time trial on the track. This is so the coaches can divide us in different wave run groups so that we are grouped with people at our own pace.

It was good that I pushed myself more than I usually do when I run... but I sure wished I hadn't had those extra snacks while I was running! :)

After the running portion, we then had some coaches in from Bay Area Boot Camp that ran us through some strength exercises, cardio drills, and a core workout. Challenging, but fun!

We did all of our workouts at the local high school track. It was funny because the football team was on the field and the marching band was practicing nearby. It was very surreal and I had a little bit of deja vu of going to the local football games when I was in high school. It was pretty funny...

During the workout, I started talking to one of the TNT runners... I learned that her son, Luke, had passed away from leukemia. In his honor, TNT hosts a 5K race called Luke's Run every fall near his birthday. I looked it up and this year it's the Sunday after my 20mi training run so hopefully I will still be able to make it.

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