Sunday, August 26, 2007

19 MILES!!!

A new milestone... yesterday, we did our 19 mi run! It was originally supposed to be an 18 mi run where the planned course was only 17.75 mi, but we kept missing our turns so we'd have to go back and get on track. There were three of us that had gadgets measuring our pace and distance so we knew we were over 19 mi when we finally got back to the home base. I finally calibrated my new Polar watch so I was happy to hear that it was pretty much in line with the other two girls who where using the Nike plus kit.

Unfortunately, I still have much to learn about my watch. It definitely can do a lot of things so I will have to spend time reading the manual. Someone wanted to know what the actual time was and after flipping through several screens on my watch, I gave up. I told her how long we had been running and we sort of just guesstimated the time based on when we thought we started.

This was definitely my most challenging run so I'm glad we now have a recovery week. Normally, I feel pretty good during these long runs, but by mile 15, I was definitely in that zone where it's all mental, you know? I was starting to feel a sort of strain or tightness in my right leg... nothing serious, but not the most comfortable. A lot of times, the pace leader will check on us, and normally my response is, "Doing good!" but now it was more, "I'm OK." :P But I felt better toward the end and we all managed to pick up our speed toward the finish.

Again, we were the last ones back but they still had the water, gatorade, yogurt, and bear naked granola waiting for us when we returned. I don't know the exact time of our run, but I know we were over four hours.

I did the ice bath in the bay again. This time, a girl from our running group also did it so it was easier to stay in there longer when you have someone to talk to. Last time, I only managed five minutes. She had heard you're supposed to stay a minute for every mile you ran, so we stuck it out and managed to stay in a whole 19 minutes. It was hard, because it was colder than normal yesterday. Normally, by the time we return, the sun is shining down on the marina. Not so yesterday.

Yesterday's splurge was Jamba Juice's Peanut Butter Moo'd. Wow. It was sooooooo delicious! Like a peanut butter milkshake. Yum yum!!!

I even made it out that night to go to a friend's housewarming party. I sat for most of it... but it was a lot of fun with yummy food! :) It was a party where originally all white attire was required, and then modified to be black and white attire. Well, me and JW wanted to stick with the spirit of the original theme - check out our ensembles!


John said...

awesome picture, my little Casper!

Amanda said...

You guys rock - so sorry that we didn't get to stay one more day for that!!!

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