Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guilt-Free Chowing!

I have now realized one of the true joys of marathon training. Sure, sure - the endorphins and runner's high and all that is all good and stuff but the biggest perk for me? Being able to pig out and not feel bad!!!

As a lot of you know, I love my heart rate monitor - it's still one of my most favorite birthday presents ever! I always wear it when I work out and I like that it tells me how many calories I've burned. (I don't trust the calorie metrics on those cardio machines at the gym, but I do trust my handy Polar watch.)

Normally, I aim for a workout that would burn around 300-500 calories. That was pre-marathon. :)

I always wear my HRM when I run but I only view my heart rate when I'm actually running - I like to make sure I'm pushing myself hard enough but not too hard. Anyway, I only check the calorie number when I'm done and that's usually more for amusement. After my 16 mile run, I hit a new record - over 2000 calories burned! 2000!!! Think how many cookies I could eat! Just kidding.

After my 16 mi run, I met JW and CW for a well deserved treat - my first Happy Hound experience! Happy Hound is a local dive that is known for their burgers and hot dogs. I got a delicious cheeseburger - sorry, Happy Burger with cheese - with fries and wow, was it delicious! And I did not feel guilty one bit. After all, I did need some protein to help repair my muscles after that long challenging run, right? :)

I feel like I've seen the light!!! Before I was scared of my upcoming 18 and 20 mi runs, but now, I'm thinking... oooh what fun pre-run Friday food and post-run Saturday food should I have???

So there's the big question, guys! For those of you with "endurance" training experience, what fun foods do you suggest??? I got some good ideas from RB this week... Mac&Cheese on Friday and pancakes and eggs on Saturday. :) Yum, yum...

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