Monday, August 27, 2007

Week 7 Wrap Up

Well, I sort of feel better from Saturday's run. I feel a little bit of soreness/strain on the side of my right knee which I've googled to identify as my lateral collateral ligament (LCL) - or not, I'm not really good at anatomy. I've iced a little bit here and there and I will be taking it easy this week so I'm sure I'll be fine in time for the weekend long run.

I've also been experimenting with food stuff during these runs. We get Clif Shots on the Nike runs but I tried a power gel this week and I liked it a lot better. Not as thick so it's easier and quicker to get down. I also tried Clif Blocks - way too much work for me. I also plan to try the GUs as well.

It was funny because I was having an IM chat with my old roommate PB, successful finisher of the Comrade Marathon, and he had asked me if I tried eating real food like bananas or cookies during my runs. I responded that I hadn't, followed by the question, "Are there any advantages to eating real food?" A second later I realized how funny that sounded!

I was also surprised when I realized no one from my running group needed to take a bathroom break during our four hour plus run on Saturday. I wonder if I'll need one during the actual race? I definitely am not going to hold it! I just checked the course and it looks like they have the "portojohns" stationed throughout, so I should be OK.

I only ended up running three times this week for a total of 26 miles. I should be logging more according to my Runners World mag, but oh well. Since this is a recovery week, our long run this week is a "short" run - only 12 miles! Yippee! :)


Scott said...

hey there. just a few random thoughts... when i ran the big sur, i used the bathroom several times. the down side is that if there is a long line for the bathroom, you risk cooling off or cramping. but, hey, if you have to go, you have to go. i went with the gu's for the run and they were ok. just try to mix up the flavors.
keep on kicking ass!!!

Amanda said...

too bad the little bites or whatever didn't work out - those looked fun to me. What do I know though - I can't even run a mile without wanting to stop to walk!!

Susan said...

Hi Audrey! I am so excited you are doing Chicago. That was my first one, and it's awesome!! (Great crowds, relatively flat). As far as the bathroom goes, I got up early and had some coffee to empty myself...then a quick pee break before the start and that was all. (sorry for the details, but it's important!) Also, I took water at ALL the water stops except the very first one. My longest run before was only 18 miles, so you're exactly where you need to be. Try stretching out the tfl (tensor fascia lata)to help out your knee...let me know if you can't find that online. I'm so proud of you!!

Carrie Mae said...

Audrey - you should get yourself one of those foam rollers - and literally lay on it (on your side) and roll up and down the side of your leg from thigh to knee -- this gets your IT band and helps a ton to save your knees. Your IT band can get tight and inflamed (which causes you knee ligaments to have to overcompensate) and this totally helps

Jen said...

I definitely agree on the foam roller. It usually gets rid of knee pain pretty quickly if you roll on it following each run. You can get them at Sports Basement pretty cheap. They're great for all sorts of other pain too - I use it on my hamstrings when they get really tight and it feels so good! Congratulations on 19 miles!!!

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