Sunday, February 1, 2009

Slave to the Garmin...

Got my new shooz!!!

Just wanted to thank everyone for your comments on my last post. Like me, it sounds like most of your readers are the blogger community as well and not necessarily your "real-life" friends (and sometimes that's intentional). (And just to clarify, of course we are all *friends* out here in blogger land!)

I also opened accounts on Buckeye Outdoors, Map My Fitness, Daily Mile, and Breaking the Tape. Now I'm not bored or crazy enough to update all of them but I still need to play around with the tools and see what I like best. I'll let you know what I come up with.


I didn't really have a stellar week in terms of workouts but I did squeeze a few in.

On Wednesday night, I totally procrastinated in getting to the gym. I stayed late at work to finish up a few things (that's when you know I'm really getting desperate.) The gym is close to one of the malls so I decided to stop by there first to get some gifts for friends and ended up getting some things myself. Does anyone else do this? For example, when I hit the mall during Christmas season, it usually ends up with me buying one thing for dad, one thing for me, one thing for my brother, one thing for me, one thing for my sister, one thing for me... and so on. It's very dangerous for me to be at the mall.

Anyway, it's now after 7:30PM and I know there's an 8PM cardio dance class that I used to go to all the time. Sometimes parking at this gym can be tricky during the evenings because it's right in the middle of all these popular restaurants/bars. So I tell myself that I will at least venture over there and if I find parking pretty easily, I will go to class. If I can't find parking, then I'll leave. (And yes, I have actually driven there and if the parking is a nightmare, I'll just head home.) I'm just one of those people that has a serious motivation issue. When I'm there, it's cool. It's just getting there that is really challenging for me.

And luckily enough, I found a parking spot right at the front! Even I can't deny that it was meant to be and that the workout gods were reaching out to me. "Join us, Audrey, get off your lazy butt... your DVR will record American Idol for you."

So off I went... lots of step touch and single, single, double and grapevines and mambos and body rolls, etc. It actually was a pretty decent workout for me as I noticed my heart rate monitor blinking at me every now and then if I went over my max aerobic rate which I think is 162 or something. Of course, if I used this watch while running, it would be blinking constantly. But this was my Polar one which I only use for the gym. I use my Garmin strictly for biking and running.

Anyway, I decided to record these workout numbers as well. Note that I turned off the HRM when we started our cooldown.

Avg hr: 152bpm
*SYB = Shake Yo Booty

I went for a 4 mile run on Saturday and I don't know what my deal was but I was so sluggish! Things finally fell into place by the last mile and I felt I had a more comfortable rhythm going on. I know I just need to keep up with my runs and it will eventually get easier.

Avg pace: 10:42min/mi
Avg hr: 171bpm

1: 10:44
2: 11:05
3: 10:50
4: 10:10

On Sunday, I went for a three mile run in between making Puppy Chow Mix and Chocolate Chip cookies for Superbowl Sunday.

I would have thought my numbers would be slower since the sun was out more and it was kind of warm plus I had to deal with a bit of a side cramp for part of the run. But I actually did OK overall.

Avg pace: 10:15min/mi
Avg hr: 169bpm

1: 10:17
2: 10:22
3: 10:07

Is anyone else a slave to their Garmin? Lately, mine hasn't been doing too well with quickly grabbing a signal. And since I am really interested in tracking my progress as I rebuild my running base, I can't bear to run without having the data behind it. So I will just stand there on the sidewalk staring at the little black bar on my watch as it slowly locates the satellites. Sometimes I'm waiting for a while, too. Does anyone else do this? Or maybe everyone else's Garmins are far superior to mine?


Marcy said...

In the winter I turn my on before I put my sneakers on (in the house) Surprisingly it will connect and it's all ready by the time I have to go outside. But I have waited FOREVER (at times) for the thing to locate sats outside in the summer months.

Marcy said...

Sorry *mine* not "my" GAH!

Mica said...

I got really upset the other day when my Garmin couldn't find the initial signal. Like...tears of frustration. It was ugly.

I'm glad you made puppy chow. It's so delicious!

Runner Leana said...

I prefer to no think of it in terms of being a slave to my Garmin, but more an expression of my type A engineerng personality! I love my Garmin, and unless I'm on a treadmill I won't run without it. I love my numbers, not that I do a lot with them though!

My Garmin catches a signal easily within my house, or on the dashboard of my car as I drive. It is terrible around downtown though, so it takes awhile to catch a signal when I go for my lunch time runs.

tfh said...

I don't know about the Garmin, but if we can go back to talking about the mall for a second...yes! I cannot shop for other people without spotting things I need/want for myself. It's dangerous indeed.

Nice job getting the run in-- I say if the Garmin helps keep ya motivated, no shame in being a slave to it. (Now the mall, that's a different story...I gotta feel a LITTLE shame about that.)

aron said...

i am a total slave to the garmin :) i havent really been having any issues with mine though.

great job on the week!

Marathon Maritza said...

One time, my watch battery died 0.5 miles into a route that I know the exact mileage of. But I turned around and went back home. LOL So yeah....I heart my Garmin....

Great job on getting your workouts in!

Anonymous said...

I heart my Garmin! I feel naked without it!!! lol and hello I can never go shopping without buying myself a lil something :)

Alisa said...

I can't go running without him! Is it weird that I call my Garmin a "him?"

Good job shakin' ya booty! :)

joyRuN said...

I am totally a slave. Especially now that it tells me the time, too!

Great HR on the SYB :) I can never get my HR that high in aerobics.

The Laminator said...

Audrey, the question should be "Who DOESN'T do this?" I've been caught standing around the park so long waiting for the Garmin signal that I was mistaken for a tourist...TWICE!

Anonymous said...

I made the puppy chow mix too! I have completely overdosed on that stuff. I can't stop eating it!!

teacherwoman said...

Getting in a 3 miler between baking sounds like a great idea! Way to go! :)

RoadBunner said...

I am totally hooked to my Garmin. I sit in my car before runs patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting for a signal.

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