Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reunited with an old friend - hello gym!

I went back to my gym today for the first time in months! I wasn't so good with keeping up with yoga and cross training during marathon training season so as a result, I've been MIA from there and have just been spending my time running outdoors.

I had speedwork planned for today but with the gloomy rainy weather we've been having lately, the treadmill was my only option. So I packed my bag and after work, I went back into my old routine of visiting my gym before heading home. Since it's been so long, I was sort of dreading it but once I got there, everything changed! I forgot about the energy of the gym - all the bright lights, the rows and rows of machines, all the people sweating and working hard to meet their goals - it was kind of contagious! So I excitedly got into my workout gear and off I went to find a treadmill. Not surprisingly, they were almost all taken - except for one! phew

The Hal Higdon plan called for 10 x 400 at 5-K pace. But since I haven't built up to that level - I just did 5 x 400. I used 9 min/mi as my 5K pace although I haven't run a 5K in over two years.

It looked like this (all at 1.0 incline):
- Warmup: 400 meter at 5.3 mph, 400 meter at 5.7 mph
- 5 x [Interval: 400 meter at 6.6 mph followed by 200 meter at 3.8 mph then 200 meter at 5.0 mph]
- Cooldown: 400 meter at 5.3 mph

Total of 3.25 miles.

Afterward, I did some strength training to make up for skipping it on Tuesday. Mostly arms, though. It's been awhile since I've done any weights so it felt good to get back into that again.

On a random note, going to the gym does allow me to wear my warm weather workout clothes (tanks, shorts) which means I can delay my laundry even more! :)

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