Thursday, January 24, 2008

I thought these things were supposed to help my running?!?

Today was supposed to be an easy 3 mile run - nothing fancy, just a plain old three mile run. But for some reason, my two running buddies - my iPod and my Garmin - decided to make it anything but easy.

First off, it took forever for my Garmin to locate satellites. Well, to be more accurate, it didn't find them at all. I waited for about five minutes or so and then just gave up and went running without it. I still had my iPod but I don't like relying on just that since I've realized it wasn't quite as well calibrated as I'd like.

So just to make sure I got in an honest 3 miles, I set my iPod for a distance of a little more than that. Thinking I was so clever, I went for the easy 5K option and off I went. I decided to check my pace once I was a little bit into my run and did a double take once I saw a 5:xx number. I quickly realized that it was giving me my pace in km/min since I used the 5K distance. Argh...

Once I got to the halfway point, I reset my iPod to used miles instead. By then, my Garmin had finally grabbed a satellite so I used that as well. Unfortunately, I forgot to reset it from my first attempt to use it that morning so my numbers were all messed up in the end.

So no mile split times for this run. I still love my gadgets - just wished they'd cooperate. :) Does anyone know if the Garmin is affected by rainy cloudy weather?

I also caught the Spirit of the Marathon movie tonight. I won't spoil it too much in case you're planning to catch the Feb 21st screening but I will say that I loved it! It was fun to follow the training for the six different marathoners - especially the elites. They're amazing! There were also some funny moments as well - I think Jerry and Lori's husband offered the most amusing quotes.

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