Monday, November 12, 2007

Nine week countdown to run Disney!

Whew! It's been craaaaaazy since the marathon madness began last month. This is what October and November looked like for me:

Oct. 5-8th: Chicago Marathon Fun Run
Oct. 13-17th: New York City for work conference
Oct. 21st: Nike Women's Marathon, San Francisco
Oct. 24-29th: Friend's visit - sightseeing all over south bay, Napa, and San Francisco
Nov. 1-5th: Cabo!!!
Nov. 10th: Treasure Island Triathlon relay LAZY weekend due to oil spill

But alas, the laziness cannot continue because guess what? I am NINE WEEKS away from the Walt Disney World Marathon!

What's up, Mickey!
I'm not really sure what kind of training plan to follow for this one. I'm not going hard-core like I did for Chicago/Nike. I only plan to get to 18 miles before the big event. It's going to be tough to train during the holidays also, especially since I will be in super-cold Cleveland for most of it. But here's what I'm thinking... feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Week 9: 12 miles this weekend - woohoo!
Week 8: 10 miles (Will be home for Thanksgiving)
Week 7: 14 miles
Week 6: 16 miles
Week 5: 12 miles
Week 4: 18 miles
Week 3: 12 miles (Will be home for Christmas - could push out to 31st when I'll be back)
Week 2: 6 miles (Will be in Austin for AY's wedding)

I also think I will explore different trails/courses for all these long runs - south bay, peninsula, SF, etc. If you have any favorites, please let me know! I'll probably just do the LG creek trail this weekend.

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