Sunday, November 18, 2007

Disney marathon training has officially begun

Well, true to my word, I did my 12 mi run this morning. It was definitely tougher than my short runs this week. But I expected it - I didn't exactly work my way up to this distance. I've only done four short runs (no longer than 4 miles each) since the Nike marathon which was roughly a month ago. So yeah, I'm pretty sore. :)

It went well all things considered. I definitely need to start earlier next time. I had a late start this morning around 9:30AM and the weather was perfect in the beginning but then got a little too warm for my liking toward the end.

I ran at a pretty good pace but still took a lot of walking breaks for water/gatorade (especially when I got hot later on) and when I noticed my heart rate was getting too high... you know, like around 97-98%! Yikes! (If you're not familiar with heart rates, typically you target 65-85% for cardio workouts, which is where I usually am when I'm working out at the gym, but when I run, I end up around 90%. Races are another story. I try not to get too high, though.)

I finished the 12 miles in around 2 hours and 17 minutes, so I averaged an 11:26 min/my pace - I'm happy with that!

Next week's runs will be in Cleveland. The weather there will range from 30-60 degrees. I plan to bring my running gloves which have not been used yet and I just bought a running headband as well to keep my ears warm. Hope all goes well over there!


Amy said...

Just 50 days to the race! How exciting to run Disney. I did it 10 years ago and it is still a lovely memory. Good luck with your training.

kirby said...

waiting patiently to hear how running in the cold went for you... and the turkey trot race, of course :)

i'm not looking forward to 1/2 marathon training during my two weeks in chicago. maybe that's why i still haven't officially signed up.

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