Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekly Wrap Up: Weeks 1-3

Well, it's Monday so that means it's the beginning of another training week. For my personal training plan, Monday is a rest / stretch day. I was going to start up yoga again tonight but I was at work pretty late so I'll probably pick it up next week.

So let's see... Week 3 went well. I do my long runs on Saturdays and this week the Nike Club Run SF started up again so I trekked up to SF this weekend. As I was driving up at 7AM in the morning (the runs start at 8AM at the Marina), I was thinking, ugh, I am not looking forward to doing this drive every Saturday morning again. But you know what, as soon as I arrived at the Marina and saw tons of runners and bikers already out and doing their thing, I definitely got pumped up! :)

As I mentioned before, the Nike marathon/half-marathon is actually two weeks after the Chicago marathon. Since this is their "Week One", we just did a kick off one mile run. It was fun but I'm on week three for my race training so after that whole thing was over, I had to do my own 8 mile run.

I picked a fun route that we did last year with the Club Runs. It's flat with a lot of fun sightseeing. Basically I went down Marina to Fort Mason thru Aquatic Park to Jefferson past all the Fisherman's Wharf craziness continuing down Embarcadero past the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market all the way down to Folsom which is where that crazy bow and arrow structure sits. And then I turned around and ran back.

It was kind of funny running by all the touristy areas - dodging them all was a bit of a challenge and I know I ran into at least one group tourist photo shot. Ooops. Plus they were all in fleeces and scarves and stuff and I was in shorts and a light T-shirt.

Anyway, below is the running route I took. I love this Google map pedometer site. The Nike Running Club introduced me to it. I used to drive my car around trying to figure out mileage!

So with the 9 miles I did on Saturday, plus the 3 miles I did on Tuesday (while home on vacation!), the 2 mile treadmill run on Thursday, and the 4 mile run yesterday on Sunday, I ended up with an 18 mile week.

Status to date:

Week 1: 2,4,5,5 = 16 miles
Week 2: 5,4,8 = 17 miles
Week 3: 3,2,9,4 = 18 miles

I think I'm off to a good start, right? :)

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kirby said...

thanks for the gmap-pedometer link! i ran this morning - wish i remembered my route. i'll have to use that to map something out.

thought about a long run w/the nike group on saturday... we'll see. tough call between that and a bike ride.

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