Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nike Run at Niketown in Union Square

So I changed things up a little bit this week... I ventured up to SF Wednesday night to join the Nike club for a short run at Niketown in Union Square. Better yet, I got another buddy to join me - thanks Dr. M! He's another one of those speedy gonzales runners, but he was nice enough to go slummin' with me. :P

This was a weird one, though... we had just departed from Niketown when all of a sudden there was a big scuffle next to H&M - two guys had some other guy pinned down to the ground, people were yelling about calling 911 but none of us runners had a cell phone on us... anyway, turns out it was a shoplifter. It was pretty crazy!

I did a shoe trial during the run with their Nike Pegasus sneakers which weren't bad. I had actually already purchased them before but then returned them to exchange them for these Nike Vomero ones which are supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Today's freebie was a brand new pair of Nike dri-fit socks in baby blue. Very exciting! I love collecting these socks. :) You only get them with the shoe trials.

We also got these cool little handout giveaway thingies (sorry for the super generic term). You know those little signs that small businesses will put in their door window when they've stepped out - they have a picture of a clock with movable clock hands so that you can indicate what time you will return? So it was a little card that looked like that and on one side is the clock and reads "Gone Running". And on the back, it says this:

"That's right. I'm out of here. Do not chase me down or text me or try to talk me into going out to lunch. I don't have time to figure out if I have time for a run. I'm just going. The world will not fall apart in my absence. I might miss somebody's birthday cake or a discussion on last night's season finale. Even if I do, who cares. I'm coming back with a state of mind three coffees, two flirtatious emails and a week of vacation can't buy."
Pretty cool, right? In the great words of Mr. Nike - JUST DO IT!

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