Wednesday, July 11, 2007

26.2 miles is enough for me, thanks

I think it's fun to check out websites of other marathons and see what kind of cool routes there are and stuff. For example, I've always thought that the Walt Disney World marathon would be fun because you go through all four of their parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, and Animal Kingdom) AND you get a Mickey Mouse medal. But that's in January and who wants to train during the holidays? :) They also have a half marathon that weekend as well (which earns you a Donald Duck medal). And then I just learned they have this thing called Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge. This is for 3000 crazy runners who complete BOTH the half marathon on that Saturday as well as the full marathon the next day!!! What kind of crazy people sign up for this??? Sure, you get a Goofy medal in addition to the Mickey and Donald medals, but really? Isn't this a bit excessive?

Actually, on second thought... I guess it isn't that crazy. Not when you compare that to the running freaks that would sign up for a 56 mile ultramarathon in the rough terrains of South Africa. I mean, only a sick bastard would do that. ;)

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scott said...

i know what you mean about those crazy ultra marathoners. i have a cousin who has done the western states 100 several times and just this past year did the Antarctica marathon. just the thought is nuts.

on another note, i work on saturdays so i think you should think about running in danville on one of the sundays. just a thought.

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