Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sorry, Chicago, maybe next time

It looks like registration for the 2008 Chicago marathon closed this week. I received the registration alert email yesterday, but I already decided earlier this year that Chicago was not in my 2008 plans.

Sure, I was disappointed by the clusterf--- at last year's race, given it was my first marathon and all... but the crowds were awesome, the course was fun and flat, and it is one of the majors after all (heehee) so I'm sure I will return to the windy city to try it again someday. I still recommend it to anyone looking for a memorable marathon experience. (Not memorable like last year, of course!)

Anyway, I am excited for my friends that are going to run it again this year - I just have a feeling they will have an awesome race to make up for last year.

Any other 2007 Chicago marathon runners out there planning to tackle it again this year?


Marcy said...

Nope, not me chica! But I would like to one of these days . . .

LOVE THE SHIRT BTW!! Too freekin cute!

P.O.M. said...

Not me either. I'm doing Oregon.

That shirt is WAY cute.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Understandable. My sis in law will not be back either. So sad really. I do hope they have a great one this year.

Great shirt!!!

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