Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good start, decent finish, pathetic middle...

... is how I would describe my workouts this week.


Spinning followed by full hour of yoga (didn't skip out early this time)

It was really nice to have all that deep stretching after a good cardio workout. I like this yoga class in particular because she mixes it up with some pilates moves which I really need because my core is pretty weak these days. Nothing too hard-core but she did end the class with us practicing the crow for our balancing move. Now I couldn't do this move even when I was regularly taking yoga as my balance is nothing to write home about. So this move was more comical than anything else for me. I think I had it for about 0.2 ms and then I would fall back giggling at myself. (And it was exhausting just trying to get into the pose, much less hold it!)


Rest Day (planned)


Thought about it...


Could have gone to the gym, decided to settle in for long night of must see TV instead (c'mon - it was a big night! The return of Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Lost plus my faves 30 Rock and The Office)


Eh... it was Friday, too tired from the week at work


At this point, I knew my four day run of laziness had to end so I got going on my long run. I ran my usual route on the nearby trail, unfortunately, I did not realize there was a planned "March for Babies" walk going on for the March of Dimes. It was an all day thing so there were lots of groups walking the trail, sometimes just a few people, other times a bit larger. It was manageable until the end of my run when I came across groups of 50-100 peeps head on and they ended up taking over both lanes. The trail isn't very wide and in some areas, there isn't much of a shoulder. So after getting elbowed a couple of times, I finally had to break out the "Can you please stay to your right?" requests. I felt bad about yelling (politely, I swear!) at people doing a charity walk BUT (excuse time!!!) I had been running for over an hour at this point plus the heat and the sun were finally starting to beat me down so I didn't have much patience left in me. The last mile was particularly frustrating as I had to stop and wait at certain points to let the crowds go through.

1: 10:05
2: 10:35
3: 10:34
4: 11:04
5: 10:58
6: 10:29
7: 12:06

Total: 7.02 miles, 1:16:05, 10:51 pace

The rest of the day was a weird one... I think I caught a mild case of heat exhaustion or dehydration or something. I drank both water and gatorade during my run as well as afterward. But then I went to a baby shower in the afternoon where I happened to be sitting directly in the sun during lunch. I drank some water and lemonade there (OK, and a little bit of hard lemonade as well). By the time we got to gift opening, I had found a spot in the shade but started to get a bit of a headache and for a brief second or so, felt some dizziness as well.

It wasn't anything major until I got home. I thought maybe water, advil, and a quick nap would do the trick before heading out that night. But I woke up later to a *pounding* headache plus the bonus of nausea. It felt like a really bad hangover. So I cancelled my plans and just rested instead. I couldn't even drink any more water because it just made me feel sick. Not too much later, I did end up getting sick - I'll spare you the gory details but all the yummy food from that afternoon ended up down the toilet. I don't think it was the food that made me sick though because my friends that were also at the shower were fine. After that, I slowly felt better and was able to take some water and crackers later that night. It was just weird that I had that reaction. I'll definitely take care of myself better next time - more water, less time in the sun, I guess?


Took a break from the sun and went to the gym instead - stairs + elliptical followed by weights.

I also had an awesome time bonding with the girls at a brunch at my friend's place. Delicious buffet of food (including Hello Kitty shaped waffles - haha) with some fun drinks to boot (white sangria, bloody mary's, and mimosas). Amanda - you were sorely missed, many girls asked me how you were doing. :)


Amanda said...

:( I am so missing CA too. I can't wait to get up there for a week in June! Going to kiss all the new babies and hug all the old friends. yay!

Laura said...

Sorry to hear about the sun poisoning! It can be so scary. Hope you're all better now.

The Laminator said...

Hi Audrey...sorry about your trouble with your sun. I think it was classic heat exhaustion. Afterwards, the rapid rehydration techniques problem caused drastic fluid shifts in your body leading to nausea, headaache etc. The key is to rehydrate evenly and slowly...

Take care of yourself in the heat out in CA.

Marcy said...

Dang sounds like an ordeal with the sun. Hope you're ok now :-)

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