Monday, April 7, 2008

May Races Mania!

Ok, so maybe the Nike lottery did not work out for me... no big deal! I've got lots of other fun races lined up and just added four more for May alone!

Here's the rundown:

May 3rd - Disney's Go Red for Women 5K (Orlando, FL)

This one is a very special race as my sister and I will be walking it together as a sister/sister team. I'm so excited because this is the first time my sister has participated in any type of run/walk race before. She cheered me on during the Disney marathon in January and also supported me for the Chicago marathon last October, but this time she'll get to experience the fun of a race for herself! She's a little intimidated about doing her first 5K (let's face it, we've all been there, right?) but luckily, she is already very familiar with the course - just a simple stroll around Epcot. :)

May 4th - Disney's Women Run the World 15K (Orlando, FL)

The thing I like about this race is that the course is pretty much the last 9 miles of the marathon, or as I remember it, the part of the course where I was completely beat down, exhausted, weak, and suffering from many hours in the heat and humidity.

I'm pretty sure the heat and humidity will still be there, but I am excited to be able to experience that part of the race again with a little bit more energy and enthusiasm. You know, actually enjoy it! (I hope Sully is there at Hollywood Studios again, his high five really picked me up last time.)

May 10th - 10K on the 10th (Location: TBD)

I love Nancy's races - they always motivate me to get off the couch which is probably what I would have been doing that weekend.

May 18th - ING Bay to Breakers (San Francisco)

This is a new one - just registered yesterday. Bay to Breakers is an EVENT. A true SF tradition in my book. It's a *real* race (a 12K) - you know, with Kenyans and all that. :) But for me and probably most of the participants, Bay to Breakers is one huge crazy party in motion. The one time of the year when even though you are many years out of college, it's perfectly acceptable to be completely drunk at 9AM on a Sunday morning. (I hope my mom isn't reading this.) Everyone dresses up in crazy costumes, usually as a group, and some of these groups will even construct these elaborate floats that usually serve one purpose: to transport their alcohol. (Unofficially of course, as I know they've been cracking down with check points and stuff). I've participated every year since I've moved here (2001) except for last year when I had a last minute biz trip.

This year I'm doing something new - I'm going to attempt to run it. I say "attempt" because the race is a zoo. I read that last year's race had about 20,000 registered finishers and another 25,000 "party crashers". That's a lot to navigate through not to mention all the visual distractions!

But I'm really nervous about Hayes Street Hill, the long stretch with an 11.15% incline shown at mile 2 below:

At least this time, I won't be hauling a paper mache bull concealing a beer cooler on a red radio flyer wagon.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it wasn't water in that bottle...

I'm thinking about dressing up for the race - never run one in costume before so that could be fun. Although, I'm very particular about race outfits - so it would have to be something that I feel comfortable in. Suggestions are welcome!


P.O.M. said...

You are a racing machine!!!!

What about your fall marathon being PORTLAND???? It's Oct. 5th.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

YEAH!! Great schedule.

What about a little cave girl number? :D

Laura said...

I'm thinking about coming out for Bay to Breakers. I've never been to the West Coast, and it would definitely be a good excuse to go...

Is it at all possible to run it though? (I'm not fast enough to be seeded)

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