Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Races Recap and NorCal Blogger Run

Happy New Year! Before I officially say good-bye to 2008, here's another look at all the races I ran this year... fifteen in total (that I can remember). I only ran five races in 2007 (well, technically four since Chicago was a DNF) so that was a big change this year.
  1. 1/13/08 Walt Disney World Marathon (5:25:46)
  2. 2/3/08 Kaiser Permanente SF Half Marathon (2:13:36)
  3. 2/18/08 President's Day 5K (28:45)
  4. 3/30/08 Embarcadero 10K (1:03:12)
  5. 5/3/08 Disney's Go Red for Women 5K (0:55:57)
  6. 5/4/08 Disney's Women Run the World 15K (1:34:56)
  7. 5/10/08 Human Race - 10K (1:01:00)
  8. 5/18/08 ING Bay to Breakers 12K (1:22:41)
  9. 7/13/08 Livestrong 5K (28:22)
  10. 8/3/08 SF Marathon 5K (27:41)
  11. 8/31/08 Disneyland Half Marathon (2:17:20)
  12. 9/14/2008 Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon (2:19:23)
  13. 9/28/08 Mermaid Duathlon (1:23:13)
  14. 10/5/08 San Jose Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon (2:17:08)
  15. 10/19/08 Nike Women's Half Maraton (2:17:03)
Summary: one full marathon, five half marathons, one 15K, one 12K, two 10Ks, four 5Ks, and a duathlon.

Also can't forget Nancy's virtual races:
As I mentioned in my other post, I think my goal for 2009 is to actually run LESS races this year. Maybe actually get a PR this time? (And save some $$$, too - I'm looking at you, Disney!)


The year ended on a high note as I joined a bunch of bloggers for a New Year's Eve afternoon run. Alisa was in town which inspired us to all get together for a blogger meet-up, thoughtfully organized by Aron. It was so fun to spend the afternoon with people that love to run and blog.

Liah, Sandra, Aron, me, Alisa and Julianne
(I honestly don't know why I'm doing the tippy toe thing)

I explained that I was fresh off a two and half month hiatus and the girls were great about it. We had a really nice four mile run on the Iron Horse trail. I hung in there for most of it but had to slow down a bit during the second half - thanks Sandra for sticking back with me! I was pretty amused, my heart rate monitor was blinking for about the entire second half of the run because my heart rate was so high. But I was proud of myself for not stopping to walk because I totally wanted to! :)

And after it was over - WOO! Those endorphins felt great! I forgot that great feeling you have after running. 'Course I was just glad it was over, too, heehee.

That night, I went to a house party and discovered that I *love* playing the drums in Rock Band. I thought I was a guitar girl - but no, the drums are where it's at!


The Laminator said...

Neat little recap Audrey. Your little NorCal blogger meetup sounds like it was a major success.

Didn't even realize you ran so many races until you listed them there, but that's a pretty impressive and exhaustive list. Best of luck to you in your PR-chasing in 2009!

Happy New Year!

joyRuN said...

I knew there was a reason I felt like I was reading a race report from you every other day - that was an insane race schedule!

Laura said...

I'm with you on drums - I loved Guitar Hero until I played Rock Band and discovered that I was born to be a drummer :)

aron said...

we JUST got guitar hero world tour yesterday and i am addicted :) i dont like the drums though, i leave those to chris :)

cant wait to hang out again soon!

Mica said...

Wow, 2008 was intense!

I can't wait to get Guitar Hero World Tour and rock out on the drums!

Shoe Running said...

I had fun meeting you & running with you girls! :)

I'm glad the endorphins kicked in and you are excited about running again :) Hope 2009 brings you lots of great runs!

Alisa said...

I wish I could have run with you guys! Maybe next time.

Run less races and PR, that sounds like a good goal. I think you should run San Diego though =). I think the plan is to all stay in the same hotel, I know some of the girls are sharing would be fun! =)

Marcy said...

Dang girl you've been one racing machine! Awesome 2008!

Gawd I am so freekin jealous that all you ladies got to meet up. How awesome is that?

mrjwhit~ said...

A great picture of you all.

RoadBunner said...

You definitely had a busy year! My goal was also for quality vs. quantity in 2009. Still tinkering with my race calendar, though. Woot for post-run endorphins!

Jamie said...

What a 2008 race calendar! And how fun with all the Norcal meetups! For 2009 if you decide on the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicagolet me know - I will most likely be joining the party once again this year after my hiatus. It fills up quickly though!

Marathon Maritza said...

Great recap! You did a lot of awesome races last year!! You're gonna kick ass in '09!

I'm actually a bass guitar girl myself :) Love it!

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