Saturday, January 17, 2009

My sore booty and other random tidbits

Random tidbit #1: My triumphant return to the gym in the pursuit of new MAC goodies

Thursday night I went to my gym for the first time in I don't know how long (probably a few months). The problem is that I've been out of a routine for so long that it's hard to get back into one. I think about going to the gym and even pack my bag at times, but it's just so easy for me to come up with a million and one reasons to skip it. And so I do. (I *wish* I could be a 5AM gym girl like these gals!)

So this week I'm trying something new. And by posting it on my blog, I'm hoping I will be more faithful to it. I'm trying a rewards thing. See, I love to shop - all in the name of helping the economy, of course. (Not having kids or a mortgage help enable this bad habit of mine as well.) And there's some new make-up that I want to try out. Normally, I would just go straight to the mall and buy it but on Thursday I decided that I would only buy the three things I want if I work out 4 times this week. Note my exercise week runs from Monday to Sunday so basically that meant I would have to do something every day until Sunday to earn my award.

And I'm not claiming victory yet or anything but so far it has been working! After work on Thursday, I finally made my way to the gym. I did some easy cardio on the elliptical and then took one of those strength training classes with one of my favorite teachers. Yikes. It's been months since I've done any kind of weights or push ups or abs or any of that stuff. It was definitely rough but it was nice to be in there again.

I was expecting to be really sore the next morning but that wasn't the case. I was kind of disappointed. But as the day went on, the pain slowly creeped up on me. Well, not really pain, that good soreness kind of feeling. Especially in my booty from all those lunges and squats she had us do.

I headed to the gym again on Friday after work - did some cardio while watching The Rachel Maddow show. I will admit that I am not much of a news person (at all) but I've heard a lot of buzz about Maddow so I was excited to finally watch her show. She's pretty entertaining... I may just tune into her show again.

So I'm off to a good start! Hopefully, on Sunday I'll be headed to the mall for my goodies :)

Random tidbit #2: Going Goofy in 2010

When I ran the Disney marathon in 2008, I quickly learned who the real superstars were... the Goofy runners! When I first heard about the challenge - running the half on Saturday and the full on Sunday - I thought it was an absolutely insane idea that only elites would attempt. But then I started talking to some of the Goofy runners that weekend and realized "normal" runners run it, too. The idea slowly became more and more appealing. By the time I left Orlando, I had announced to my family that I would be back in 2010 to take on the Goofy race and a half challenge myself. (I knew I wouldn't be ready to tackle it a year later.) So this week I took the plunge and registered! I'm pretty excited although I know that means I have to be a lot more diligent with my training than I have been in the past.

Random tidbit #3: Race excitement is contagious!

I've really been enjoying all the blog posts from the runners tackling the RnR Arizona marathon and half marathon this weekend. I love race weekends - even when I'm not running. I love the energy of having so many people gathered together in one place who had all spent months and months training for the same big event. I remember getting so excited when I attended the SFM expo last year, even though I was just registering for the 5K! Anyway - to all those running races this weekend (special shout out to Alisa and Eileen) - good luck and remember to have lots of fun! You've done all the training - time to enjoy it!


teacherwoman said...

Rewarding yourself sounds like a great idea! I used to tell myself I could only get coffee if I got up and swam atleast 2000M that morning. LOL. Good luck finishing off your week strong!

Jamie said...

What a good motivation to get yourself to the gym. I too wish I was morning workout kind of girl but that is not the case! Congrats on signing up for the Goofy challenge!

Cindy said...

i think the reward system works really well! what can i say, i also like to support the economy :)
congrats on registering for the goofy thing-that sounds awesome! such a cool challenge!

Mica said...

Ooh, I hope the reward system works for you!

And the Goofy Challenge? You are INTENSE!

RunToFinish said...

I have done the reward thing in the past and definitely was a good way to get me back on track!

Amanda said...

I am in that OTHER class of people who find the Goofy challenge INSANE! I wish you luck girl and I know you'll love it. ;)

Marathon Maritza said...

What a great idea about rewarding yourself! I heart MAC too and have to keep the spending in check with them...have you ever tried NYX? Good, cheaper alternative I think.

And that's for the link on being a 5am-er...that kind of notation keeps me motivated!

And you are nuts...or should I say 'goofy?' :) You are going to do awesome though and I'm SURE it'll be an absolute blast!

aron said...

love the reward idea!! that is perfect :) and CONGRATS on signing up for goofy!!! so exciting :)

Marcy said...

Ooooohhhh throwing the shopping carrot out there always does the trick ;-)

RoadBunner said...

Okay, so I mailed in my application Saturday. So hopefully I'm all set. I put in for Dopey (Goofy plus the 5K Friday) this time around. I know I owe you the training plan!

RoadBunner said...

Okay, so I mailed in my application Saturday. So hopefully I'm all set. I put in for Dopey (Goofy plus the 5K Friday) this time around. I know I owe you the training plan!

Julianne said...

So you caught the race fever!! I got excited and inspired and went for a short run yesterday, even thought it was a rest day! Yay for registering Goofy in 2010!!

And great idea on setting goals and rewards. What exactly is this make up that you want so badly??

The Running Knitter said...

Thanks for the shoutout! :)

I'm thinking about doing disney too...though not the goofy challenge!

Alisa said...

Thanks chica!

Great job getting back into your routine. It is hard sometimes once you've been away. I'm a morning workout person too and hope to be back in the gym tomorrow doing crosstraining/recovery stuff.

I love your rewards system and since I'm behind I did see that you got your MAC WAY TO GO with the workouts!

BTW, Mr. Pi and I might be joining the Goofy bandwagon for 2010...we have to see how finances go.

Spartan7 said...

Too bad you were not at the 2009 WDW Marathon as it was great! Good luck on Goofy in 2010!

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