Saturday, August 9, 2008

Race Report: 8 on the 8th

First off, I'm so happy to report that I have completed my peak training run this season for the series of half marathons I have coming up (Disney, Chicago, and SJ RnR - so far). 14 miles - DONE! (Can I just say that I am so excited not to have a full on my schedule this year?)

Anyway, I am using the first 8 miles from today's run for Nancy's 8 on the 8th - Olympic style virtual race. Unfortunately, I had a worse showing than my first 8 on the 8th race. No biggie - this time I was running with the Nike club through the hills of SF plus I had to run with a slower pace group because none of the pace leaders in my normal group was planning to run the full 14 miles today.

Total time for 8 miles: 1:39:20 (12:25 pace)

Since I don't really have anything interesting to report about the "race", I could at least do something sort of related to the Beijing Olympics. So here are a couple of pics from one of my recent visits to Beijing - I think these are from May 2007.

Countdown to Olympics clock by Tiananmen Square:

Great Wall:

Thanks again, Nancy, for coordinating yet another fun virtual race!


Linden said...

Hi! Found you through Nancy's post. Don't worry about not having your best showing for this race--before the 8 on the 8th, my last 8 miler was worse, but I improved by about 2 minutes! You can do it! :D

Love the China pictures. I hope we make it there someday.

FLYERS26 said...

awesome pics.
Congrats on your run.
I found your site thru Nancy's 8 on the 8th.

Check mine out, if you get a chance!

Cindy said...

Those look like some very steep steps at the great wall. What a butt burner!
p.s. i'd love to see some tokyo pics-it's my favorite city.

Running Knitter said...

Nice job on your run, and I love the pics of you in China.

Runner Leana said...

Way to go on you 8 on the 8th and your 14 miler! Time to taper now? Congratulations on getting your road bike. I'm sure you are going to love it. Are you thinking about a tri now too?

Non-Runner Nancy said...

YEah!! for you.

And HOW COOL that you have Beijing pictures for us!

Thanks so much for running with us and congrats on the bulk of the training.

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