Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks Nancy!!!

Earlier this month, I participated in Nancy's 8 on the 8th virtual race. My results were horrible (8 miles at 12:25 pace - bleh!) BUT Nancy was kind enough to award me with a really awesome prize - an OFFICIAL 2008 Beijing Olympics pin!

Check it out!

Thanks, Nancy, you're the best! All of us running bloggers really appreciate all the hard work you put into these virtual races!

And since she liked my Beijing photos, here are some other random ones...

Tiananmen Square / Forbidden City

Great Wall

Summer Palace


Marcy said...

I love it!! Very nice!!

Nitmos said...

Nancy is too kind.

Great pics. Thanks for the tour.

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures - I want to go!

Julianne said...

you, aron and i need to meet up and exchange high fives at the rock n roll half marathon in sj! that is really cool that we're all running it. :-) i definitely want to run with the nike training runs in the city. i'm back tonight... maybe i'll check it out this weekend. is it on saturday mornings? i'm not registered for the nike marathon, yet. i have 2 chances of getting in the marathon... through a friend who works for jamba juice (they have a wait list for their corporate team and i'm on it) and through another blogger taunya (who's sister may not run it after all)... i'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that i can get in!!!

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