Friday, October 5, 2007

Hanging with the 'rents

After spending the last six hours with my parents, I'm about ready to rename my running blog to "Adventures with Cesar and Vicky". As most of you know, I enjoy telling stories about them (much to the displeasure of my mom) as I find them very humorous. But I think most kids like to make fun of their parents, right? (It can't be just me, can it???)

Let me give you a couple of examples just from this afternoon... before we left the rental car lot, my mom and I sat in the car watching my dad slowly circle our car about five times or so, giving it a thorough examination noticing every discoloration, ding, scratch, etc. Finally, when he was satisfied and ready to depart, he manages to ding the car next to us when he opens his car door to get in. Classic.

Then my mom tries to tell a story about my sister's son - something about him tying a string on my mom's finger? Turns out she was trying to say that he has her wrapped around his finger.

OK, one more... my dad tried to tell me another one of his boring jokes he picks up at work - this one had something to do with a bookkeeper and a mafia boss. I couldn't even follow the joke because I was too busy laughing at how my dad pronounced mafia, which was ma-FEE-uh (as in Sophia).

And don't even get me started on stories about my dad using a GPS unit for the first time - wow, I could start a separate blog on just that alone. (Did any of you catch The Office last night? My dad is almost as bad as Michael ...)

OK, maybe these are really only funny to me. (I bet my sister would laugh, too, though.) It's all in good fun, though - my parents rock!!! I just hope they don't read this...

Anyway, I'll have a real running update tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, my friend Pam and I are headed to the expo to pick up our race packets and bibs.

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Amanda said...

I make fun of my parents all the brothers and Dan get to hear most of the stories though. But seriously - my mom - how can I NOT have funny stories about what she does?

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