Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Real Runner Doesn't...

Today a Facebook friend posted the following question:

Which running shoes do you have and would you recommend it?

And as expected, someone commented to stay away from Nike, because although they are cute, they are not good running shoes.

So of course I had to comment... because I have been wearing Nike Vomeros for the last four years. (I also reiterated the other comments that she should get properly fitted at a running store.)

Anyway, the Nike comment just makes me roll my eyes. A friend once told me that the place I bought my running shoes from must not have been a "real" running store because "real" runners don't wear Nikes. I'll admit it - I was totally offended! Because hello, *I* chose the Nikes after trying on numerous brands. So am I not a "real" runner then?

According to some people, nope! Which makes me think of the other rules I break.

For example,

Real Runners Don't...

1. Wear Nike running shoes.
2. Wear running skirts.
3. Take more than 5 (4?) hours to finish a marathon.

What else am I missing?

And if you're one of those people that think any of the above, well then shame on you! ;)

(Yes, I am one of those peeps that are not really a fan of the Pearl Izumi "We are not joggers" ads. Hmmph!)

Listen, some of us are more light-hearted than the "hardcore". Don't judge me if I run a double-digit pace or wear tutus or take pics when I run.


In other news, I am up to 4 miles now. Woo-hoo!!! :D


joyRuN said...

I'm sure other runners roll their eyes at my Nike Frees when I show up at races then plod along.

You should see their eyes totally bug out now when I gimp along in my boot ;)

Sarah said...

I just switched to Nike after 5+ years in Brooks (at the recommendation of the salesperson at a running store). I guess I'm not a real runner either :)

"Real runners" also don't take walk breaks, I've heard....

Anonymous said...

It's not about the shoes!
I wear Adidas supernova, but have even run in a very flat Keen water shoe when I was spending time on the lake and did a spontaneous four mile trail run when I got to shore. And I felt great! Apparently, running barefoot (after appropriate preparation of course) is even better!
I haven't worn a running skirt, but I think they are adorable!
And as for pace-anyone who is out there running is a runner-that goes double for those who stick with it through the hard times. I really respect those that take longer to finish-they were out there even longer than me and who knows, maybe they are just starting, recovering from an injury...who knows? We're all on the same team folks! Support each other.
Way to go with the 4 miles Audrey!!!

Amanda said...

Dan wears Nike and he ran the Boston!

Guess they presume that all real runners must have some sort of running issue that requires them to have more tricked out shoes. Personally, I have to wear Asics since I pronate so much.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I hear you!!

Someone told my hubby and I to have a nice jog and it made me so mad!!

Marathon Maritza said...

I'd never heard that 'real runners' didn't wear Nikes...wtf? I feel like 'real runners' should be encouraging of other runners...so who's a REAL runner now?!

People have too much time on their hands to judge, I think.

Marathon Maritza said...

I forgot to write:

Yay for 4 miles!!!

RoadBunner said...

Ooh! So much to say here:

Umm... Aren't all the ELITE runners sponsored by Nike? Bleh to anyone with shoe elitism!! I have never worn Nike running shoes but only because no store has ever put me in them. If they worked for me, I'd buy 'em. (as an aside, I actually have had great success in PI shoes though I agree their advertising department is comprised of a bunch of douches).

I do everything on your list. The running skirt one really rubs me the wrong way. Sadly I am not that fast so am unable to kick the asses of people who think that in races, but I really wish I could :)

As far as being "slower" that is all relative. And I am 100% certain that "slower" runners endure and suffer way more than fast ones. So we are actually tougher :)

I think being a "runner" is a mental state more than anything else.

Jamie said...

I hate when I hear that kind of stuff! I can't wear nikes b/c of it bothers my foot I had surgery on... otherwise if they were the ones that fit then I would wear them! I too am not the hugest fan of the Pearl Izumi ads either.

Congrats on getting up to 4 miles!

Mica said...

I don't get why people are so anti-Nikes for runners. The Pegasus and the Vomero and Zoom Structure Triax are totally decent shoes that many legit running stores sell. I guess Shox aren't so great for running, but people can't tell the difference.

Runners can be such nice, friendly people, but they can also be SO exclusive and competitive. It kind of keeps me from associating with big running clubs.

runnernic.com said...

i agree... people need to quit judging! i have heard that before... i ran my fastest marathon in nikes! grrrr

Julianne said...

Omg Audrey, what a great post!!!! Yeah, it's like "real makeup artists don't use MAC". Have you heard this before?? Oops, wrong blog.


I've heard: "Real runners don't listen to music while runnig!"


Puisan said...

I don't get it...why NOT?!

I consider myself a runner and I...

1. wear skirts...
2. have a marathon PB of 5:00:05!!!

Erm...ok, I don't wear Nike shoes...but that's because my feet just prefers Brooks....

Suzanne said...

When I first started running back in high school in the early 1980s, Nike running shoes were considered THE best shoes and they truly were amazing. I'd still be running in Nikes now if they had continued to make such amazing shoes...unfortunately, at least for me, they have not measured up since the late 80s with their ladies running shoes, so I wear something else. But for some, I know Nike is still where it's at. The "real runner" arguments are getting old. I have been running a long time and I have found myself in both the slow and fast packs at times. I usually place first in every 5K I run in my age division, so I think I can safely assume I'm a "real" runner but I am guilty of all the crimes of the "fraud" runner, i.e, I have worn Nikes, I listen to music, I have come in with pretty slow times at different times in my running career, and I wear whatever I can find even if it's not what "real" runners wear. As for the running skirt, no I haven't done that one but only because I haven't felt like my legs would look good enough in it to pull it off (white, pasty Irish girl that can't tan). Anyone who gets out there and does the work is a runner and can be proud of themselves, no matter what they look like, what they wear, or how well they run.

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