Sunday, March 15, 2009

So. Flippin. Tired.

First things first - I talked to my old boss about my encounter on the nearby trail close to work and he confirmed that yes, wild pigs are known to hang out in that area. In fact, one time he saw 10-12 of them at once! Even better, apparently they *can* run fast - as fast as humans.


He said they won't bother you but even so, I don't plan to run near that area again.

Anyway, overall this has been a great workout week for me. Now that I have some events coming up, I've been a bit more disciplined with my training.

Here's a recap:




Avg pace: 9:44 min/mi

+ weights

Note: This was a treadmill run and amazingly, it wasn't that bad! I only meant to do 1.5-2 miles as a warm up to weights but I was feeling pretty good that I cranked out 3 instead.


Spin class + weights


Avg pace: 9:52 min/mi
Avg hr: 172bpm

1: 9:48
2: 9:46
3: 9:40
4: 9:39
5: 10:08
6: 9:57
7: 10:06
8: 9:48

I don't want to toot my own horn, but these are awesome splits for me! I'm thrilled anytime I score a sub-10:00 split. Now to be honest, I pause my watch during water/walk breaks. BUT I didn't take my first break until mile 4 so I'm really pleased with the first half of that run. But I did poop out a bit for the second half...


Avg pace: 11.6mph
Avg hr: 135bpm

I'll do a separate post on this bike ride later on because it was quite the adventure. I joined my friend KB and two of her friends for a 3 hour bike ride through the Golden Gate bridge, Sausalito, and Tiburon. I definitely need to do more hill work as I feel bad when people have to wait for me at the top.

Anyway, I am now completely beat. Hope you all had a good week!


The Laminator said...

Good workouts wonder you're pooped. I would be too! But it must feel great to have done all those workouts. Congrats!

Jess said...

OMG on the wild pigs...those suckers can be MEAN. And BIG. Here in Texas people shoot them a lot. Unfortunately, running with a shotgun for protection might hamper your speed a little, not to mention get you good luck and be careful!

kirby said...

I look forward to reading your post about today's ride! I'm glad you motivated me to go out today and it was great to see you, though a bummer about the rain :P That definitely made less fun.

Anyway, pretty much everyone is frustrated with hills at first, and a lot of people just always hate them. And we all feel bad when we make the other folks wait for us (One of the reasons I tend to shy away from group rides, though I'm going to be brave and start doing some with the tri club soon!). But - when we go out in a group, it's expected that you wait for everyone - unless the organizer says that they're not waiting.

You're right though - you do have to train on hills to get quicker. Like running though, a hilly ride can be a shorter ride and still be a tough workout!

I'm really proud of you and Gigi. You did great!

Runner Leana said...

Nice runs this week Audrey!

aron said...

great job on the week girl!!!!!

D10 said...

Nice workouts! Wild pigs, wouldn't want to get chased by them.

joyRuN said...

Busy week, girl! No wonder you're pooped :)

Yech - stay away from the wild pig area!!

Mica said...

Great job with your training week!

Marcy said...

Great, that's just what you need. A fear of pigs chasing after you LMAO! Who wold have known they can run faster than humans?!?

Great job chica! Nice sub 10 splits :-)

Jamie said...

I'm so flippin tired too! Great job on the week's workouts!!!

tfh said...

Super workout week! Looking forward to your bike ride post-- why is it so much easier to run up a hill (and that's not to say it's easy!) than to bike?

Tara said...

whoooooohooo nice job on the 8 mile run!!!! looks like you had a very good work out week :)

Cindy said...

are you signed up for a bunch of duathlons this year? those are great workouts you're doing. i must have missed your wild pig post. that's scary! wild animals scare the crap out of me.

Chic Runner said...

Nice workouts girl! :) Where the bf lives (in the middle of nowhere in northern cal) there are CRAZY wild pigs and one time he had to shoot one because it was going to attack his brother. They are crazy mean animals.

Amanda said...

Cary about the wild pigs! Great job on your workouts, looks you had an excellent week.

Alisa said...

Awesome workouts! Nice job on the 8 miler splits. Maybe I should pause during breaks that would give me a more accurate account of my actual running pace =).

Great work!

RoadBunner said...

I can't wait to hear about your bike ride. That's one I'd love to do but am way too chicken. Maybe one day I will run it. Did you guys eat at Sam's at in Tiburon?

Marathon Maritza said...

Whoo-hoo, you are on fire!!!

I can't wait to see you in action, climbing over hurdles and trekking through the mud in 2 weekends! We are gonna have a BLAST!!!

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