Thursday, July 10, 2008

Running in Tokyo Part II

The one nice thing about jet lag is that I have no problems with getting up early over here. It is also nice that I don't have any meetings until 10AM this morning. Luckily, I brought my running gear so I headed out to find that running loop that I used last time. And even though I had a handy jogging map provided by the hotel, I had the hardest time finding it! Anyway, the run was so-so... I only did about 3 miles and I had to stop and walk several times for water since it's so warm and sticky over here. Regardless, it was great for me to get out there and I did my best to finish strong once I finally had my hotel back in sight. Definitely fun people watching while I was out there.


Marcy said...

Alright!! Nothing like a little running while overseas :-)

Love the new profile pic too, chica. Could you be any cuter? ;D

Cindy said...

I love Tokyo! My husband and I went last year and the year before. we did the loop around the imperial palace-they have a 3 mile and a 5, I think.

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