Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marathon Training is ON

So guess what? I am officially IN MARATHON TRAINING!!!

Yep, it is now 12 weeks to the Akron Marathon which I'm only running so I won't die during the NYC marathon 6 weeks later. (Same thing I did with CIM and the Goofy Challenge - odd, I know, but it works for me.)

These will be my 5th and 6th marathons, respectively, but I've really only properly trained for the first one and that's primarily because I was taking advantage of the Nike Club Run SF training runs.

Since then, I sort of just "wing it" when it comes to races. I never really have a set training plan that I follow and the only runs I make sure to get in are the weekend long runs. Everything else is sort of a crapshoot. I know - it makes no sense!

When I first got into running, I was really into it. I always was trying to push myself to go faster or further in distance. I wasn't into reading running blogs / magazines / books yet so eventually I started having knee pains and other issues. I took a break and then got back into it to train for my first half marathon and I was hooked! Again, I was obsessed with seeing how I could improve so I ran another one just two weeks later and shaved 5 minutes off my time (which is about 30 minutes faster than I am capable of today, lol).

But now - lots and lots of races later, I've been more into the experience of the race (and the related swag), and not so much into how I performed. I mean, in my head, you get the same schnazzy medal if you finish in 5:30 or 4:30. (Of course, the related runner's high is not the same, won't argue that.)

I'm still kind of more into the experience, but I won't lie - it is a bit disheartening to see my race times get slower and slower over the years... so while I'm not aiming for a new personal best, I wouldn't mind avoiding a new personal worst. :)

So I'm trying something ~new, I'd going to actually follow a training plan this time. I picked the Runner's World moderate plan with a base mileage of 16-21mi/week. I think this plan would be laughable for most of you but I think it is perfect for someone that had been used to running 1-2x a week.

This plan is based on 3 runs per week:
  • An easy run *aka, classic Audrey run
  • Speedwork/Tempo run *Excited, because I haven't done too much of these, other than running with friends who are much faster
  • Long run *Will probably need to head to SF for these to escape the HEAT
I might re-evaluate the plan at the halfway point but I think this is a good start! And by announcing it here, maybe this time I'll actually follow it! :)

I do feel like such a n00b these days...  like I need to re-learn all my fueling strategies. I couldn't even remember if I can do a short run first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. (I polled some girls over the weekend, I think I can and will test it this week.) I'm also slowly incorporating some strength training here and there. Just old school stuff like push ups, crunches, lunges, squats, etc - things I can do while watching TV. :)

Anyway, I am excited to be out there and running again! Especially since there are so many fun group runs going on - more about that in my next post!


Kristen said...

Yay you blogged!! So good to run with you these past two weekends. Hope we can squeeze in a few more very soon. Excited to follow your training!

naomi said...

i'm glad you're back to running again! looking forward to meeting up for some workouts!s

Jes said...

I loooove your training style - I've been following a similar one for years!

I'm new to the area and looking to meet some running partners - I'd love to invite myself along on any group runs!

Courtney said...

5th and 6th marathons... you are a rockstar! That is so exciting :)

RoadBunner said...

That one day of speed is what caused me to have huge gains in my pace. I'm sure you'll experience the same :) Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

So happy to look in my reader and see your last few posts. I'm in training for my Oct half! No high expectations, but would LOVE a PR. Just not going to kill myself trying.

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