Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running Belt Deals from Disneyland Half

Hello all! Had a great time at the Disneyland Half last weekend... race report will be coming soon, but not until I post the WDW Full Marathon race report, heh heh.

Until then... I saw a couple cool deals on running belts from the expo that hopefully, you can take advantage of as well.

This is the belt I have - love it!!!

Get a 15% discount when ordering online by using code: MagicRun

More info at


  • FREE SPIbelt with any other race pocket belt trade-in
  • 50% off any new SPIbelt when you trade in your old SPIbelt
  • 15% off online purchases by using code: disney10. Free USPS shipping by using code: ship10.
More info at


Nicole said...

cant wait to read your race report!!! glad you had fun!

Mica said...

Thanks for the deals. Do you have either belt?

Yay, race report a'comin'!

shenx said...

Cool that you having fun in your running in Disneyland... I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post...


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