Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tagged (My 150th Post!)

Thanks, Aron, for tagging me! It's my first time being tagged so I am very excited. :) Also, I just realized this is my 150th post so I figure this is a good time to share useless information about me - haha.

6 random things about me...

1. I've only met two "bloggers" so far - Leana at the Minnie 15K in May and Julianne at the SJ RnR half last weekend. It's always fun to meet people with common interests - hopefully, I'll meet more of you at upcoming races!
2. I'm a huge TV junkie - I watch it all! I know, I know... it's a horrible habit but I can't help it! I actually started a TV blog (before this one) just to have a place to voice my random comments since most of my friends don't watch the shows that I do. So if you're ever bored - feel free to check it out! That one, Pop Culture Addict, only has about three readers (no joke).
3. I never did any kind of physical activity growing up. Nothing. In fact, I never really did any kind of regular exercise until I was in my late 20's and realized I was getting more huggable than I would like. But it wasn't running that helped me lose weight - it was hip hop dancing! (Oh - and a healthier diet, too) I never studied dance but I enjoyed it so I found a studio that offered classes for adults and went several times a week, eventually joining a performing crew (strictly amateur) and that was my main source of exercise for about three years ... and then I got into running!
4. I have 33 first cousins - 26 on my mom's side, and 7 on my dad's side. (What can I say? I come from a Catholic family!) I'd say about half of them are in the US and half are in the Philippines.
5. I have a huge sweet tooth. I love all kinds of baked goods, but especially COOKIES. (yum... cookies...) By the way, if you need a good chocolate chip cookie recipe, here's one that I stole from my friend which ALWAYS gets good reviews.
6. My running "career" almost lasted just a few months! I ran my first 5K in 2002 but I guess it just didn't really stick for me back then. I found the email I sent to my running friends about it - here it is, my debut race report, for your amusement:


I just wanted to share my good news with you. I am
very proud to announce that I just completed my very
first 5K yesterday! I know, I know, that's "kid
stuff" to you seasoned runners, but it was a huge
accomplishment for me. I've never been able to run
for any long period of time but two months ago I
decided to give it a try. Mainly because the weather
has been so nice and I was looking for something to do
outside. So I started with the run/walk thing and I
could only run for like a minute and then I'd have to
stop and walk because I would get bad cramps or what
is referred to as "side stitches" by you runners
according to the various websites I've read. :) By
the way, I use the term "run" very loosely, I'm still
at such a slow pace that it's more of a "jog", just
slightly faster than my walking pace - hahaha!

So anyway, I set my personal goal to do a 5K, and jog
the whole time and not chump out and walk any part of
it. Well halfway through the run, I got those d*&^
cramps again, but I toughed it out - with the help of
some breathing tips I learned :)!

Anyway, I think I was at a 12 min/mi pace which I know
is lame but I just think it was cool that I was
actually able to do something aerobic for 37 minutes
straight! Who knew!

But alas, I don't think I'll continue - it's kind of
boring! I mean, I kept up with it b/c I wanted to
meet my 5K goal and I am signed up for a 6 mi run at
the end of the month (definitely one that I'll
run/walk), but I don't know ... it doesn't seem to be
my thing. I don't know how you guys were able to do a
whole marathon - geesh!!!


I know, I can't believe I wrote those words either. I finally picked up running again a few years later. And as you know, it stuck this time.

So now I am tagging the following (although I'm sure most of them have already been tagged by now):

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Steve in a Speedo?! Gross!


bill carter said...

Hi Audrey

Glad you stuck with it as you have made amazing progress. Hip hop dancing?? Wow, I have learned something new and am feeling pretty old....

joyRuN said...

Hey girl! You've come a LONG way from that e-mail! Would you have believed the insane amount of running you'd be doing just a few short years later?

Oh, & yet again - you pull off great race photos from the Mermaid Duathlon! Not fair :)

Marcy said...

OMG I can't believe #6! Now look at you!! ;D ;D

Jamie said...

I am a huge tv fan and love sweets as well! Glad to hear you stuck with it!!!

Julianne said...

That is so cute! Thanks for sharing, of course!! :-) You've definitely come a long way from your first 5k. So glad you stuck with it! And btw, can you send me the chocolate chip cookie recipe?? ;-)

*aron* said...

YAY fun stuff!!! hopefully i can meet you this weekend as you are running by at nike!!

Cindy said...

i love the hip hop dancing fact! i tried it myself in college, but never got past the first class. this girl does not have rhythm.
i will DEFINITELY be checking out your tv/pop culture blog because that's pretty much one of my favorite topics!! expect an increase in traffic today...
and thanks again for the tag!

Laura said...

I'm really slow on the tagging stuff (actually, on race reports and blogging in general) so I should warn you that I may not get to it. However, I wanted to say I LOVE your e-mail! When I did my first 5K, I told everyone I knew for the same reasons - I couldn't believe I had run at ALL. So cool how we change so dramatically :)

RoadBunner said...

Holy cow! 33 first cousins!

I think the smoke will be a non-issue by this weekend. I am planning on taking it easy during the race. Good luck!

Viv said...

I love when people do the tagging. It is so cool to find more out behind the runner!

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