Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tales from Cleveland: Chapter 3

Technically, I am back from Cleveland BUT I do have a few more tidbits to share from the holidays with the family.

Thanks Mom! Even the grown-up kids got Easter baskets this year - and it was the good stuff, too. All Malley's chocolates - hometown goodness.

Of course, at this point, my sister and I had already made a big batch of Puppy Chow Mix which meant I had LOTS of yummy sweets to bring home.

My family and I enjoyed a nice brunch on Easter Sunday. We were all pleasantly stuffed afterward but then later that evening, we decided to go out for a low key dinner at this restaurant/bar joint, Herb's Tavern. Personally, I feel this place is a classic Cleveland joint - very homey and old school, wood paneling, those stained glass wall decor items, lighting fixtures made of wagon wheels with bulbs attached, etc. Dated decor but very comfy. Lots of OSU and Cleveland Browns stuff, as well.

Anyway, upon arrival at the restaurant, look what we saw!

Oh yeah... as soon as we walked in, you could hear a painful rendition of "You Light Up My Life." Yikes!

But we stuck around - this place is known for having the best burgers in town after all! Not only that - it was great for people watching. (I was particularly fascinated by a table of "regulars" seated near us that were all exchanging coupons when not doing the karaoke thing.)

You could tell that pretty much everyone that went up to the mic were all friends and were regulars at Herb's. It was a probably a nice surprise for everyone when my brother (not a regular) went up to sing. Unlike me, my brother actually has a nice voice and he did a good job with Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out with Him?" I was so proud when everyone cheered and clapped for him afterward. Heehee! And not to brag too much, I noticed the whole joint quiet down a lot more when he went up to sing a second time (this time "Over my Head" from The Fray). And that says a lot because it was quite a rowdy bunch there for an Easter Sunday.

And that pretty much wrapped up the weekend. Actually - the bulk of my time at home was spent playing with my 9 month old nephew and catching up on lots of bad TV with my sister. Good times, good times.


Laura said...

I love Over My Head, though (no offense to your brother because it sounds like he was awesome) I'm not too thrilled it's now on the karaoke lists for millions of people to butcher.

Puppy chow mix sounds delicious - will have to try that someday.

kirby said...

mmmmmm. chocolate.

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