Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I feel like an old lady

Sometimes I worry about how the heck I'm going to finish this marathon when I can't even manage to get around at work without hobbling like an old lady! It's a little ridiculous, although I guess I am sort of amused with myself. (Someone should be, right?) Every time I get out of my car, or get up from my desk, I feel a little limpy. Nothing serious... but I am constantly aware of what I'm putting my poor legs through.

Anyway... last long run this weekend!!! And here it is... my peak run - 20 miles through San Francisco!

Looks like a different route from what we usually do... we're heading south of the park this time around... all the way to the SF Zoo! But I like the finish... it will hopefully feel nice and quick. Sucks for the 22 mile peeps... they have the same course as us and then when they get back to the marina they have to keep going for an out and back 2 mile add-on run. I hate those... once you see the finish line, you don't want to have to go past it for another two miles!!!

Here's something that cracked me up... as I've mentioned before, my boss is a workout-aholic. He's run over a dozen marathons with a PR of 2:49. (No, not a typo.) So yesterday, we were chatting about our weekend runs, my 18 mile run and his 4 mile cross country race. Coincidentally, both were in Golden Gate Park. Anyway, he was disappointed in himself because his goal for his race was 24 minutes. Again, not a typo - four 6:00 minute miles! But he only "managed" to finish in a little over 25 minutes. Can you even imagine running that fast?

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